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The Universal Client Portal (UCP) provides you with access to confidential and relevant information. UCP requires an account for access. If you are not registered as an user for the portal, we ask that you send an email to the UCP Administrator with your company name, email address, location, address and phone number. New account requests are typically processed within 48 hours after verification with the company.
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Alhamrani Universal (AU) have provided this page to allow real-time status lookup of tickets maintained in our Service Desk Management System. Ticket data is updated throughout the day as tickets are received from the Call Centers and as completion information is provided by the technician.
This page may be unavailable during periods of Internet congestion and for occasional server maintenance. Ticket information is available by phone through the Alhamrani Call center. Please contact your Manager to request access to the Client portal.
This web site and all applications accessed from this web site are considered proprietary and are solely intended for authorized users only. Use of this site and all applications accessed from this site implies you have received proper authorization, have agreed to comply with all security policies, and are consenting to have all activity monitored.
For reasons of data security, AU reserves the right to change passwords and/or discontinue service at any time.